Register for Children's Spiritual Development at USG 2022 - 2023

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We are beginning an exciting new program year starting with a chill summer program, a reopened nursery and childcare service during Sunday worship service, and of course, our new Interim Director of Spiritual Development, Mrs. Latifah Griffin-Rogers! 

This year, we hope to serve your family through in-person programming for children, as well as all-ages family events, such as our fall campfire event, Halloween Pumpkin Carving, Movie nights in the sanctuary and more. 

Note that we are now requiring children to be vaccinated to participate (when applicable), and we are requiring all of our CSD teachers and volunteers to be vaccinated as well.

By registering your child this year, you can stay connected to our CSD community and will receive our weekly Family Newsletter. 

Our program is a co-op so we can keep our children's ministry free for all. We hope you will consider how you can volunteer during the program year, such as assisting in Sunday's Children Spiritual Development workshops, helping organize seasonal events, or even lending a hand with administrative office tasks.  

About our Membership Policy

We hope you will consider volunteering some time to make our program a success. As a co-op, we rely on the enthusiasm and support of our parents! There's a place below about your preferences for volunteering.
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Child Safety Background Checks
If you plan to volunteer as part of our CSD team (encouraged for member/parents, we are a co-op!), the state of Pennsylvania requires that all adults working with children (including periodic volunteers) pass a background check.
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Photo Opt Out
Photographic images of children participating in Sunday School and other USG activities are sometimes featured on the church website and in other church related online and print media. Children’s names are never published. If you wish to Opt-Out of this aspect of the program please select opt-out below.
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Child Information

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To register for CSD (anytime of year), please fill out this form and click submit.